Denzil Orejola

Hands Across the School

Cut out a paper handprint representing each student in your school. Write the name of a student on each one to show that everyone matters. Make sure every student is included and display the hands throughout your school to remind everyone that they are welcomed, accepted, and cared for, and to acknowledge their roles within […]

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Ask the Psychologist

Use these videos to start a discussion about adolescent mental health. This session, virtually filmed for the Aevidum 20/20 Conference, is led by school psychologist, Dr. Perri Rosen, and clinical psychologist, Dr. Matt Wintersteen. The psychologists answer Aevidum student questions as they discuss mental health and wellness, as well as some of the signs and

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Safe Seating

Every student deserves to feel like the school cafeteria is a safe and welcoming place. Create “safe seating” – a clearly labeled table that welcomes any student who may not have a comfortable place to sit during lunch. Have different club members sit at the table to welcome anyone who may feel alone so all

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It’s In My Cell

Aevidum strives to make sure all people know that someone has their back and someone cares about them. Even when it feels like you’re alone, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline is always available and ready to take your call. Aevidum encourages all schools to participate in the “It’s in My Cell” campaign. The goal of

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Empowerment Posters

Aevidum is only as strong as those it represents. Create Empowerment Posters to highlight people from a variety of social circles demonstrating what Aevidum inspires them to do. Select students with diverse talents who represent a variety of social circles, cover a range of activities, and positively represent “I’ve got your back.” This will show

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Awareness Games

Aevidum recognizes the value of athletic teams in creating healthy environments. During Aevidum awareness games, student athletes wear Aevidum shirts while they warm up, place Aevidum decals on their helmets, wear bright yellow shoelaces, etc. Banners and posters are placed throughout the gymnasium or field to raise awareness of the “I’ve got your back” message.

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