Bring Aevidum To Your School

— Starter Kit —

Thank You For Your Interest In Bringing The Aevidum Initiative To Your School!

We created the following tools and resources to help you introduce Aevidum to your school community. We recognize that all schools are unique so please feel free to adapt these materials to best fit the needs of your school. As always, we are happy to offer our support and assistance as well at


These letters are written by an Aevidum student ambassador and our Executive Director. The student letter can be given to the students you identify to be the leaders of your school’s Aevidum initiative. The letter from our Executive Director can be given to adults in your school to gain support for the program.

Letter Downloads


Our new Movement video is still being produced. We apologize for the delay and will send out an update as soon as its available. In the meantime, we recommend that schools use our older video, The Aevidum Effect, which is available on YouTube.


The Aevidum Movement video will also have an accompanying document with suggestions on how to use the video in an assembly format.


This workbook is available to all students who attend a Talk workshop. It introduces the concept of Aevidum and allows students to contemplate each of Aevidum’s four characteristics of a healthy community: acceptance, appreciation, acknowledgement, and caring.


During the summer of 2017, Aevidum will be creating student video modules to accompany the workbook so that students who cannot attend a Talk workshop can still be (virtually) introduced to the program from student-leaders from other schools.

Workbook Downloads


The back of the Aevidum workbook is filled with several suggested Aevidum campaigns. Please also make sure your club is registered with us at You will receive monthly advisor blasts that contain a video you can show to yours students during your club meeting.


Each video gives instructions to participate in a suggested campaign for that particular month. Some of our campaigns are also featured on our website here: Explore Aevidum Campaigns.


You can display these posters throughout your school to spark interest or show them to your student leaders to inspire them to create their own poster campaigns.

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