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In 2013, Landisville Primary Center in Hempfield School District (Pennsylvania) became the first elementary school in the country to adopt Aevidum. The program, called Little Aevidum, was created by LPC’s school counselor, Mike Resh, who developed monthly classroom lessons that teach students about themes like empathy, caring, how to help others, signs of sadness, how to be a good friend, critical thinking, and problem solving. The curriculum was updated in 2021 with the help of additional school counselors and teachers. Aevidum is excited to be able to offer the Little Aevidum program free-of-charge to all schools.

At the elementary level, the concept of Aevidum helps to teach kids about the importance of supporting and caring for each other. Students are connected to their classmates and teachers in a powerful and committed relationship of support and compassion. Students learn to recognize signs of sadness in others as well as themselves. With this information, they will also then learn what to do in order to help have someone’s back during emotional times. Finally, students will be empowered to search for and find their own strengths and life gifts, allowing them to learn about what makes each of them special and unique. We recognize that many schools are already integrating dynamic social-emotional learning curriculums and believe Little Aevidum can be a vehicle to assist in incorporating these important concepts.

The Little Aevidum program provides:

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